July 12-07-2018


July 13-07-2018


Seoul,South Korea


30 Professional Speakers

Why to Attend KBS 2018?

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 will feature a number of theaters including use case studies and technical discussions. We expect over 500 senior and targeted decision makers in attendance, with verticals including banking and finance, insurance, transport, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, retail and more

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Korea Blockchain Summit 2018

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 Panel Discussion

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 Networking Dinner

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 Award Ceremony

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 - Blockchain StartUp Competition

Global Blockchain Foundation Presents Blockchain StartUp Competition at Korea Blockchain Summit 2018


GBF Vision

Global Blockchain Foundation [GBF] is an international Non-Profit social enterprise established with a global vision to build a sustainable blockchain community through international cooperation.

Our Initiatives:

  1. World Blockchain Summit 2018.
  2. BCT Entrepreneurial Support.
  3. BCT Global Governance.
  4. BCT Industry Academia Connect.
  5. BCT Global Skill Initiative.
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Conference or Event Schedule

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Opening Remarks


Keynote 1

Fireside Chat


Networking Tea

Paper Presentation 1

Keynote 2: Impact of ICO in Future Economy

Panel Discussion 1: New Alchemy:Utility Token vs. Security Tokens

Keynote 3: ICO – Juridiction

Networking Luncheon

Panel Discussion 2: Crypto Assets Beyond Bitcoin

Keynote 4 : Capital Management in the Era of Crypto

Paper Presentation 2

Paper Presentation 3

Panel Discussion 3 : Centralized vs Decentralized – Crypto Drivers

Panel Discussion 4 : The Rise of Cryptofunds

Dinner & Cocktail

Registration & Breakfast

Keynote 5 : Leveraging DLT to Re-conceptualize Finance towards Cashless Economy

Panel Discussion 5: Impact of Smart Contracts & DLT in Fintech Arena

Use Case [Trade Finance]

Use Case [ Remittance & Insurance]

Keynote 6: Does Data Privacy Complements Blockchain?

Networking Tea

Keynote 7: Cognitive Intelligence on Blockchain

Panel Discussion 6 : Blockchain & New Emerging Business Models

CIO’s Dilemma of Blockchain

ShipNxt: Blockchain in Commodity Trade & Transport

Networking Luncheon

Keynote 8: Ethereum Enterprise Allianz

Panel Discussion 7: Consortium in Blockchain

Use Case: Music Industry in Blockchain

Use Case: Gaming Industry in Blockchain

Paper Presentation 4

Tea Break

Keynote 9: Investors Dilemma Disrupted

Case Study

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Event Speakers

David Drake

Founder and Chairman - LDJ Capital

Vladimir Nikitin

ICO Advisor

Marloes Pomp

Initiator and Program Officer at Blockchain Dutch Government

Dimitrios Psarrakis

Capital Market Union And Fintech Policy Advisor European Parliament

Reggie Middleton

CEO at Veritaseum

Liron Artzi

Founder and CEO of Utopi

Eyal Oster

President, Co-Founder at MobileBridge Momentum

Dr. Scott McPherson

Co-Founder at ARK

Gregor Kozelj

CEO/Founder at X8 Currency

Dr. Francesca Greco

Director at Astradux Capital AG

Karthik Iyer

Founder and CEO at Blockchainmonk

Jason H. Jang

CIO at KCX Exchange

OZ Sultan

Head of Crypto Products at CG Blockchain

Steve Kuh

CEO at Bonafi

Lior Zaks

VP Strategic Business at Olam Foundation

Ravindran Nambiar

CEO at Wardwizard Solutions Technology Dutch BV

Saar Levi


Kishore M

Founder at Future1Coin

Jack Cheng

Chief Marketing Officer at ASIA Singulardtv

Alan R. Milligan

CEO & Founder at Whiterabbit

Hayk Hakobyan

Business Development Manager-APAC at Nexmo. The Vonage API Platform

Dr. Jay Jangwoo Lee

Executive Vice Chairman at Korea Marketing Association

Alexander Varvarenko

CEO and Founder at Shipnext & Varamar

Patrick Palacios

Founder and CEO at Loyalcoin

Bhaumik Soni

Founder at Hexadpay

Kshitij Adhlakha

Founder and COO Quickx

Viktoria Soltesz

Chief Financial Officer at Blackmoon Financial Group

Marc Christian Riebe

Executive Chairman and Founder at Elocations

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    •  Access to Luncheon.
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    •  Access to Panel Discussion session.
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Event FAQS

Korea Blockchain Summit is a kind of conference focusing on impacts and future of Blockchain in Industry, Govt., education etc.
KBS 2018 will be on 12th-13th July'18 in Seoul,South Korea
Visionary Speakers, Use-cases presentation, Networking Opportunities , Leading interacting exhibition etc.
You will learn from 50+ speakers , more use cases , DLTs , future of blockchain , securities etc.
No, its costs $250 Standard and $500 VIP.
25+ CXOs Speakers from High tech Organization
You can find it here
You can interact them prior & during the summit

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Event Location

InterContinental Seoul Coex, South Korea

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